Unhavare Hot Water Spring| Taluka Dapoli


Hot water springs can be all around the Konkan region, in the districts of Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri, etc. Many tourists crowd these places often for spiritual or leisure purposes. At Dapoli., this hot water spring is at a village named Unhavare. This village is based at 35 Kms away from the city of Dapoli. Because this pool is perennial, there is hot water here all round the year. The water level remains constant during winters and monsoon as well. Even the temperature of the water never changes.

The speed of the springs is 8 to 10 thousand liters and the temperature of its waters is 70 degrees Celsius. These waters contain a mixture of Sulphur and Carbon dioxide. As the amount of Sulphur is higher, these waters can cure skin diseases and are a perfect solution for stress.

However, it is advised against going into the spring waters on an empty stomach or one might faint. At the village of Unhavare, the people have built a bath pond with waist deep water level. There is even an enclosed and private bath pond for women. Having a bath in these waters is a relaxing experience. The locals use these bath pond facilities too on a regular basis.


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