Maharshi Karve, Dapoli

About the project:

Murud, another beautiful village in Dapoli district, where the story and journey of Maharshi Karve started. The project is a brief form of collecting information right from his childhood to the second marriage, and making it available in digital medium.

 Other research topics:

  • Maharshi Karve
  • Murud, Dapoli
  • Durga Devi Temple, Murud

New topic of research found in the project:

  1. Kanoja Brahmins from the north, along with Gangadhar Bhatas, Padmakar Bhat and their disciple Vishnapayan, created a total of 5 villages. There is a mention of Murud and Guhagar as well. Also, their map has a very similar resemblance. The study of the design and planning of these villages by getting information of these five villages will be important for the village and modern planning of the cities.
  2. The carvings of Durga Mandir in Murud are influenced by southern temples. It is not from Dapoli or Konkan. Five families of the poor have constructed the temple in the era of Peshwas. There can be more information about this working class.
  3. Murud’s primary Marathi school is very old and all records are available in the school since 1854. Maharshi Karve studied in this same school. Information about kaeve’s school life can be found in these records.
  4. There is no concrete information about the Portuguese bell at Murud temple. We are doing the research on the same.


  • Annasaheb Karve Committee
  • SNDT Womens University
  • Murud Primary School, Murud
  • Durga Devi Temple, Murud
  • Maharishi Karve Library, Murud
  • Vaze Museum, Murud
  • Janaki Uday Belose (President – Maharishi Karve Library, Murud)
  • Shri Yashwant Shankar Ghag (Caretaker – Maharishi Karve Library, Murud)
  • Arvind Yashwant Ghag (Clerk – Maharishi Karve Library, Murud)
  • Amita Vaze and Nilesh Vaze (Vaze museum, Murud)


  • Murud historic and literary – Vaman Ramchandra Ganu
  • Maharshi Karve Swatrvit – Maharishi Dhondo Keshav Karve

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