Maruti Mandir Dapoli


The ‘Sri. Svayambhu Panchamukhi Maruti Mandir’ is situated in central Dapoli. The people Dapoli adore lord Hanuman and have immense faith on him. The festival of Hanuman Jayanti at this temple is always a sight to behold. This temple, which is located at the main marketplace of the city, is simple, has old architecture, but still appears serene and beautiful.

The temple has a huge yard, broad assembly hall and a big inner temple where the Lord’s idol resides. This idol was found almost 140 years ago by Mr. Abhay Puri while digging into his own yard. He installed the idol near his own house. People from the village payed visits to this idol. A lot of these people experienced miracles of the Lord’s blessings and this let to increase in the number of devotees visiting. Eventually, the hut in which the idol was installed was renovated into a temple. A trust for the temple was formed in 1952 and since then, the trust has overseen the temples administration. The temple organizes many activities like the Kirtanmalas, Bhajan Saptah, etc. Lord Hanuman’s temple is the most honored and loved temple among all the other temples in Dapoli. Tourists who visit Dapoli make sure they visit the temple too.

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