Historian of Konkan – Anna Shirgaonkar


www.talukadapoli.com visited Anna Shirgaonkar for an interview. Anant Dhondu Shirgaonkar also known as Anna Shirgaonkar. He is called as historian of Konkan. His contribution towards restoring history is incredible. His books ‘Shodh Aparantacha‘, ‘Aitihasik Dabhol’ and ‘Anandini’ were one of his best books. Watch the interview taken by us where he talks about important things of his life.


Research on History

Anna Shirgaonkar’s whole research on history is mainly on Konkan. In this interview Anna tell us how did it get started? And what was the situation before that. Watch it here

History of Konkan

Konkan is known as land created by Parshurama. Anna explains that story, Satyanarayana’s story and therefore the problems in history of Konkan in this video.

First tamrapat and Phanalekazi Caves

Anna talks about discovery of PanhaleKazi Caves and the efforts for renaming Panhalekazi to Panhaledurg

Education and work done for Janasangh

Anna talks about his education and the work he done for Janasangh. He explains his education and kind of political and social work he done being in Janasangh.

Foreign trips and his liking towards Israel

Anna talks about his international trips, whom he met and much more. He also talks about how he found Israel as a country

Challenge to regressive Tradition

Anna talks how traditions are made and how superstitions are derived out of that. How they should end. He explains with examples

Transfer of collection

Anna gave out his valuable collections for free at Ratnagiri, Dapoli, and Thane. Anna tells the story behind the collection

Friendship for life

Anna tells how he made friends in the literature field? And his memories with Gopal Nilkanth Dandekar and Mangesh Karnikar

Bottle Collection and Dabholi Lari (Currency)लारी

Along with collecting historical things, anna used to collect wine and liquor bottles. While doing so, he came across of Dabholi Lari (Currently of Dabhol). Anna tells a story in this video

Dabhol is home

Even after being a bame and a historian he decided to live in village like Dabhol. Anna tell us why is so


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