About Us

This research project aims to make information available to all the people in Dapoli district in digital form which will facilitate overall development of Dapoli. (Through this information, we will try to be help farmers, small businesses, government organizations, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and employers etc. in Dapoli)

The origin of the thought behind ‘TalukaDapoli.com’.

The modernity is destroying the villages and their significance. Although it is believed that development is taking place, but the people whose origin is this place, does not seem to be getting benefited from this development. Therefore, everyone should be connected to their origin while being part of this development and simultaneously enrich the traditional, cultural, and living with it, for centuries. Hence we started this project to preserve traditional, cultural and historical values in digital form.

Who are we and what we do?

We are gathering all the people of Dapoli. Not only them but also that people whose origin is Dapoli but now settled down in cities like Mumbai, Pune or even outside of India. We aim to provide unexplored information about the places, people, personalities, festivals, art to all these people and widen the network. Through this project people will consume the information that we will share and share the information that they have making Dapoli more efficient place. We are the FIRST DIGITAL MEDIUM to make it happen.