Folk Arts

Folk Arts of Dapoli

Folk art is an important aspect of cultural mobilization of any community. In urban areas, it could be a reflection of the cultural vastness of various social elements in those geographical regions. The reflection of the folk art and culture created by various artistic forms of the human society has been passed on to generation to generation since centuries. The literature, writing and illustration available on such folk art forms in Maharashtra is profound and it seems to have been growing for years.

Even today in Dapoli taluka, there are many ancient folktales in the Konkan region. But often, there is little or no cultural information available about these types of folk tales.

This project of Talukadapoli is still based on the people’s caste system. It will be our main effort to study the various types of folk art in Dapoli taluka and to provide digital document of the society.

The following topics are planned for research in due course.

  • Katkhel
  • Naman
  • Bala dance
  • Gondhal
  • Bhajan
  • Kirtan
  • Fugdi
  • Dashavtar
  • Gavlan
  • Shakti Tura

Apart from the above mentioned topic, research and documentation about new topics can also be planned. Like all other projects, the research on the project of Folk- Art (Lokkala) will also be continued.

The research information will be published from the done through digital and social media articles, short stories, comedies, and documentaries

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