Independence Week Special (2018)

August 15, 2018 Indian Independence Day, 71 years of independence is completed. India has seen the golden days of independence after a long period of slavery of the past 200 years. There might not be any other country on the back of the world, who had to fight for more than 100 years of struggle for independence. In this battle, many people sacrificed a lot for the country. Tilak, Ambedkar and Sane Guruji in Dapoli have a lion’s share in the freedom struggle. Dapoli has contributed significantly to the formation of Indian independence along with Maharishi Karve, Rangar Paranjape, PAVKane. Because the objective of the fight was not only the independence, but also the good governance. Many people sacrificed their lives to achieve this. It is important for the current generation and the future generation to realize that sacrifice. From the same perspective, we started covering the history of Dapoli. So we found a list containing names of 36 revolutionaries in Dapoli. We have received so much information from five of its freedom fighters (whose names are on the ‘KrantiStambh’ at Dapoli Nagar Panchayat.) We have got so much information that we can bring that information to you on the occasion of Independence Day.