Panhalekaji Caves Dapoli


Panhalekaji is a small village near the banks of the river ‘thorli-dhakti kotjai’, in taluka Dapoli of Ratnagiri district. This village not only is rich in natural beauty, but also a rich ancient inheritance. Relics of ancient Indian heritage have been found in this village.  These relics are ancient caves found on a mountain north facing the river thorli-dhakti kotjai. There are 28 compartments in these cave chains and 29 in another cave chain at a place called Bag Wadi.

You can find mendicant quarters, dome shaped shrines, assembly hall, statues and other such structures in these cave chains. Traces of buddhist traditions like Hinayaan & Vajrayaan, The Nath creed and the Shilahar dynasty can be found in these caves. It is an ideal place for historians and scholars. Tourists visit this place despite the slightly rough roads. The guides appointed by governments archeology department, provide detailed information about this place to the tourists. Hence, the people who visit Dapoli, make sure they visit this amazing tourist attraction.

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