Our Lady of sorrow church


There are totally 3 Christian worship houses in Dapoli. Of these 3, one was built by Portuguese and the other two were built during the reign of the British Empire. Of the two churches built during the British era, one has turned to nothing but ruins, but the other church is still in good shape under proper maintenance. This church is located in the central part of Dapoli, behind the famous Panchmukhi Hanuman temple. Even though the church belongs to the Christians, anyone is free to visit this place of worship. The church has a beautiful statue of mother Mary. In 1822, a man from Goa named Gabriel Baptist brought this statue to Dapoli and created a worship place for Christians with the help of Lawrence Pinto. Previously, this church was named Our Lady of Plety Church. In 1868, a Bombay High Court Judge and an Army Captain took the lead to renovate the church and renamed it ‘Our Lady of Sorrow Church’. Currently Father Benito Fernandes looks after the religious matters of this church and the one at Harnai. Tourists must definitely visit this church and experience the serenity and peace it radiates.


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