Goa Fort, Harnai


Along with Kanakadurga, Fattegad & Goa Fort are supporting (strategically) forts to the great marine fort Suvarnadurga at Harnai in Dapoli. Among these sub forts, Kanakadurga is the closest to Harnai port. Kanakadurga is surrounded by the sea on all 3 sides and has a surface area of about a quarter hectare. This fort has an oval shape and one can access this fort through a set of stairs. At the end of the stairs, you will find a water tank on the right-hand side at a lower level. At the southern side of the fort you will find a lighthouse built on a higher level. It houses the weather department office too. On the inner side of the fort, one can find 9 small water tanks placed one after the other. On the western and southern sides of the fort there are many rocks at the sea level. It is breathtaking to watch the sea waves clash on the rocks. Many tourists and locals visit this fort in the evening to witness the beauty of the sea and the main fort of Suvarnadurga. It is satisfying to sit at the fort and watch the boats of the fisherman people of Harnai and their fish market at the port. Hence, the tourists that visit Harnai port make sure to visit Kanakadurga, to experience this scenic beauty.

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