Yakub Baba’s Dargah, Kelshi


This is ‘Yakub Baba’s Dargah which is famous in Kelshi village in Dapoli. This dargah is on a hill near Kalshi coast. It is said that this Dargah is built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Some people say that Shivaji Maharaj started the dargah and then Sambhaji Raje completed it. ‘Yakub Baba’ was the teacher of Shivaji Maharaj. During invasion in Dabhol, Shivaji Maharaj came to know about Yakub Baba and he met him.

Maharaj received blessings and guidance from him. Dabhol invasion was successful done. It is told that Yakub Baba had come from Sindh province to Kelshi via Bankot. He had a son with him named Sohail Khan, who was ten years old, who later was known as Himmat Khan. Himmat Khan’s Dargah is next to Yakub Baba’s Dargah. There is a large crowd of Muslims and Hindu devotees is observed during urus (an event). Every year, the Hindu devotees from ‘Chinchwal’, presents the special meal at Urus. This dargah has completed 338 years of its existence; there is a message in Persian language on the entrance of the dargah; no one has able to decode that message till now. There is a panoramic view of the sea and coconut gardens. Many tourists visit this dargah every year and the number of such tourists is increasing day by day.

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