Talyatla Ganpati Mandir


Dapoli is one of those Talukas in Konkan which are blessed with natural beauty. Natural beauty flows from each and every thing here. Dapoli is blessed with a magnificent coast line, an important attraction, which demands the attention of a great deal of tourists every year. Many small villages and temples which are connected to this coastline too are an integral part of it.

We will be taking look at one such temple which is ‘Talyatla Ganpati Mandir’ which lies in the village of Murud in Dapoli Taluka.

As soon as you enter the village of Murud you reach a Grampanchayat crossroad where traveller’s tax is collected. On moving ahead you will come across two roads. One will lead to the village and the other will take you to the temple. If you want to go to the temple, take the road on the left. Along the road to the temple you will see a beautiful pond. Once there was an idol of Lord Ganpati in the pond; but it started eroding due to the friction of the water body. So the villagers moved the idol to the temple which one can find at the left side of the temple’s entrance. But some devotees believe that this idol is still in the pond and that the one at the temples entrance is a replica. Just next to the Ganpati temple you can find two smaller temples, each dedicated to Lord Hanuman & Lord Shiva.

The foundation of the Shiva temple was laid in the year 1829. The proof of the same can be seen carved on a wooden pillar outside the temple. The fact was also confirmed by the priest, Shri.Prashant Varavdekar. He stays in the temple premises. He is 85 years old and still takes care of the temples and worships the lords with the same devotion every day.

In front of Shiva temple is a Deepmaal (a beacon in temples used to light lamps on auspicious/holy days). The villagers light the Deepmal on tripuri pournima and celebrate the day. There is a statue of Nandi too by the pond. The area surrounding the temple is green and filled with scenic beauty of nature. The dome of the Ganpati temple and the temple road of red soil does not go unnoticed.
Any tourists visiting Murud must definitely visit this Temple.


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