Historical church in Dapoli


The church in the middle of the camp Dapoli is the oldest architectural structures built by the British in the history of Camp Dapoli. This is one of the old churches in Dapoli. This church was built for praying for the English officers and their families settled in Dapoli during 1818-1857. This church was built in a gothic style and its structure is eye-catching. There was a 6 foot tall bell on the tall high tower of the church, no one knows where it is now. The windows of the church are narrow to the ends and on both sides, so they look like a spear. These windows are called Lancet Windows in English Architecture.

In England, there are such windows in the cathedral and the church. From the time of the camp Dapoli in 1818 and later, all of the military forces in the British regime (almost 2,000 Konkan residents) used to come here to collect their pensions. They used to visit Dapoli four times a year. During that time, in the premises of this church, SPG Mission used to carry out the speeches of the spread of religion.

Church mansions and buildings are still said to be of the Scottish Mission’s custody. The church of such a structure is near the fort of Purandar in Pune district. This is definitely one of the example of the historical places in Dapoli and interesting place to visit in Dapoli.

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