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Goddess Bhairi’s Jatra – Jalgaon, Dapoli

On the day of full moon (Pratipada), in the month of Chaitra (Hindu Calender), a big festival is celebrated in the temple of Goddess Bhairi in the village of Jalgaon. The temple is decorated with embroidered Rangoli and small...

Dapoli’s Beekeepers – The Khanvilkars

Mr. Milind Khanvilkar and his wife Mrs. Mrunal Khanvilkar, who stay in Kherdi, a small village in Dapoli Taluka, have been doing great work of protection of honey bees for the past 10 years. Nowadays people have been making...

Keshavraj Temple

About Keshavraj Temple: Approximately 7 km away from Dapoli is a village named Aasud. This village is blessed with abundance of natural beauty. If we set off on the Dapoli – Harne roadway, after 6 km we will come across...

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Keshavsut | Taluka Dapoli

As per records, Keshavsut was born in the village of Malgund which lies in Ratnagiri district. But his birth date is still a topic...

Shahi Masjid – Dabhol

Chandika Temple – Dabhol