Goddess Bhairi’s Jatra – Jalgaon, Dapoli


    On the day of full moon (Pratipada), in the month of Chaitra (Hindu Calender), a big festival is celebrated in the temple of Goddess Bhairi in the village of Jalgaon. The temple is decorated with embroidered Rangoli and small colorful pennants. The Goddess’s idol is decorated with beautiful clothes and jewelry. Many vendors set shops of sweets, toys, utensils, etc., outside the temple, thus giving the festival the feel of a fun fair.

    As a holy symbol of the deity, an extremely long bamboo stick is placed on the platform opposite the temple. The first bamboo stick comes from the village of Jalgaon, after which the crowd starts gathering at the temple. During afternoon, the other bamboo sticks from the other villages of Gavhane & Gavhe arrive at the temple. The villagers who come along with the sticks fill the yard of the temple completely.

    The other holy representations of the deity are placed on all the 3 sticks. These representations of the deities are worshiped along with honoring the reps with offerings and Tilak. After the honoring ceremony, Aarti (singing of hymns to praise gods) and Gondhal are performed. A beautifully decorated palanquin then leaves the temple premises and proceeds towards the Rudra temple. This unique celebration is the union of these deities from the villages of Jalgaon, Gavhane & Gavhe. Similar celebrations follow in the other two villages of Gavhane & Gavhe after Jalgaon.


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