Murud Siddhapurush Samadhi


‘Murud’ village from the taluka of Dapoli is the very village where Maharshri Dhondo Keshav Karve spent his entire childhood. If one deeply studied the history of Murud, one would find that, an important part of it traces to a Brahman (Hindu priest) who migrated here from the northern parts of India. Along with his four disciples, he came to Aasud & Jaalgaon and from there he established 3 villages. Today these villages are known by the names Murud, Dive Aagar and Guhagar.

In those days, Annals were recorded and maintained, from where you would get these valuable pieces of information. This great priest from north India was renowned as ‘Siddhapurush’ (seer). In his self-introspective, Maharshri Karve mentioned this mysterious northern Brahman as ‘Kanoja Brahman’. Maharshri Karve also mentioned these ancient Annals who give a descriptive account of Murud. An even more extensive information about these Annals can be found in this book called ‘Murud: History and Culture’, which was published in 1858.

This mysterious Brahman from the north attained Samadhi (meditative trance); this shrine can still be found at a place in Murud called Bhairicha Konda near the newly built well. This holy shrine was built many decades ago but there is no record of exactly who built this structure. One can easily locate and visit this shrine which is on the Dapoli-Murud-Karde route. Then shrine is a small structure, the peace and serenity one can feel at this place, is immense. Adding to the beauty of the shrine is a well which stands exactly opposite to the shrine along with a small stream of water that flows besides the shrine.

This small stream of water near the shrine is a union of even smaller streams that come all the way from the mountain and crevices above.  This stream then continues to flow and meets the sea at Karde-Vahaal. Apart from the stream, there is greenery around and few houses belonging to the Kunbhi (Farmer clan). Here, you can also find the Datarbaav, which was built at Vahaal by the mysterious sere.

The shrine of the mysterious sere from the north is not just a shrine. It is a living proof of the saga of the birth of Murud. A confirmation to all the records mentioned in the ancient annals.


Karve Aatmavrutta (Karve’s Self Introspectiv): Dr.Dhondo Keshav Karve.

Murud Aitihaasik ani Saunskutik (Murud: History and Culture): Gaanu Vaman Raamchandra


Special Thanks:

Local Villager: Ajay Shankar Krandikar


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